Oak Hill Cemetery

Note that some cemetery space prices have changed and burial permit fee has changed.  

All grave spaces are $500
Cremation and Babyland are $200
Burial Permits are $300

Location & Directions

Oak Hill Cemetery is located near downtown Cameron on the corner of Fannin and Tyson Streets, catty-corner to the old jail (former museum).

The most direct route is:
  1. Start at the intersection of U.S. Highway 77 and 36/190
  2. Continue east 4 blocks to the red light at Fannin Street
  3. Take a right
  4. Continue south for 5 blocks
  5. Pass the courthouse on your right
  6. The cemetery will come into view on the left across the railroad tracks


Grave digger must be licensed with the City to perform cremation burial.


Oak Hill Cemetery may very well be the largest in the county with its nearly 4,600 names. The earliest recorded burial is Martha Greenes in 1859 and the earliest birth year is Cornelius Homan's in 1794. Several people lived to be a hundred years old or more. Leona Luise Hemenas is probably the oldest occupant at 105 years of age. Two veterans from the Texas Revolution, at least 26 Confederate soldiers, and 3 from the Spanish-American War are interred here. Some tombstones are broken or worn by the elements that they are unreadable. There are some graves marked only with a funeral mark