K9 HUK 4111

Police Department
Title: 4111

K9 HUK is a 2year old Dutch Shepard. HUK is trained in Narcotics Detection and Tracking and is assigned to Sgt. James Sherer and Ofc. Amanda Duncan. HUK became a member of the Cameron Police Department and began his training in August of 2019. After completing his training on October 4th ,2019, HUK was sworn in and received his official badge and is now CPD K9 Officer HUK #4111. HUK has over 300 hours of training. K9 HUK loves his toys, to include balls of all size, frisbee, and anything he can carry around in his mouth our push with his paws. K9 HUK also loves to play chase with his Blue family and is very energetic.  HUK dislikes long slow walks in the rain if he is not working. 

HUK loves donations of toys to include: M/L Kong, Chuckit balls, tugs, jollyballs etc.


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