Points of Interest

The Bridges of Milam County

There are many antique steel bridges in or near Cameron, and some are still in use today.


Much of Cameron's heritage and history can be found in the numerous cemeteries located in or near the City. The Milam County Historical Commission has historical information on cemeteries located in the county.

City Miniature & "Old Town Cameron”

John Johnson created a scale diorama of Cameron that captures the town as it appeared during the 1940s. The model can be seen on exhibit at the Milam County Clerk's Annex on the Court House Square.


Large murals adorn the exterior walls of many establishments located in downtown Cameron as well as a few advertising artifacts. Visit Texas Escapes for photographs and history.

Milam County Historical Museum

The Milam County Historical Museum is located in the restored county jail which was built in 1895. The museum includes exhibits of pioneer farm equipment and artifacts as well as cells, shackles, and a gallows tower.